Year in Review

My 2013 has been filled with lots of valleys and few peaks

Oxford treats me like I’m a worldstar when I’m walking down the street

I been corrupted, I used to be happy-go-lucky

Now I’m sitting here holding the bag when things get ugly

Too much talking, too much tweeting, hear the rumors every evening

And everybody and their mama thinks they can do it better.

But I’m leaving, please believe it, this bullshit I never needed

And if you have a problem with my opinion, man it’s whatever

Man, I’m tired of this shit, I’m about to go and take a nap

Man I’m tired of this chick, you can go and have her back

Ok, Mr. Steal Your Girl, go ahead, steal her then.

Everybody assumes that’s my chick but really we’re just friends.

We make believe and pretend that everything’s gonna be alright.

If I said half the shit I want to, there’d probably be a fight.

But I hold my tongue, I’m not scared, I’m practical

Everybody wants to miss you soon as you take a little sabbatical

You don’t know what you got until you lose it, ain’t that right?

People walking around with their head in the clouds, must be nice.

Being cool on social media, doesn’t make you social.

The shit I been through would make lesser men go postal

I don’t publicize my problems because people never care

They’re interested, not concerned, you see the difference there?

So what you think you know it’s actually a small tidbit

I have to applaud Kanye for his Christmas wishlist

A wifey, a girlfriend, and he even got a mistress

He can have separate girls to cook, clean, and do the dishes

But back to reality, that was more of a fantasy

Hanging on to sanity, hoping it doesn’t abandon me

Me and you are probably frenemies. Still can’t believe you friended me

How big is the gap between where I am and where I’m meant to be?

These are questions I have at 4 o’ clock in the morning.

My mind’s racing when I should have been past yawning.

It’s hard to function with this light affliction

Try to speak slower so they can understand my diction

This is real life here, this is stranger than fiction

So I stick to the facts. Miami girls are rentals, meaning you gotta give them back.

When you speak real shit, be prepared to take the slack.

Stay protected at all times, you gotta watch your back.

And your front, and your side, protect your crib and your ride

Gotta kill that old way of thinking, mental homicide

I’ma ride til the motherfucking wheels fall off.

I’m sick of this shit, can’t you see I developed a cough?

Two-stepping with Jesus to avoid dancing with the devil

I’m back pedal to the mettle, dreams delicate as rose petals.

I’m mainstream and amazing, what a delightful combo

Me? I’m passing up taking open shots like I’m rondo

Marco, Polo. If you can’t find me, please be calm.

I’m just tryna transfer from being Durant to Lebron. 

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