Nice Guys Finish Last

They say nice guys finish last, I would tend to agree

That’s why I stand in the corner like Bruce Bowen shooting the 3

My mind races like a cyclone, I have no time to be shooting the breeze

Be careful who you hang with, lie with dogs, end up with fleas

I humbly submit that some girl would be lucky to end up with me

And I don’t plan on failing so I guess my haters are just stuck with me

Don’t be acting all star-struck with me, the puppy eyes? Lose ‘em please

Love already done burned me enough, I’m on my way to my 3rd degree

Oops I mean my first degree that will be coming in May my friend

And where you think she’s going? When she’s saying she stayed with friends?

Don’t be stupid, be wise. Don’t be grounded, be fly.

Don’t give up because we try. I’m the truth, so why lie?

I ain’t rocking with you, just like I don’t rock with five guys

I’m allergic to y’all bullshit, just like I’m allergic to their fries

Looking up I see clear skies, my future is bright as the sky is

So if I am scared to face the future, that just means I don’t wanna mess up my eyelids

So actually, I need some shades. Actually, I’m doing great.

I didn’t change, I just matured so please refrain from saying I’m fake.

I ain’t got time for the jibber jabber or all the bicker

Hating on me? You’re not yourself when you’re hungry, eat a snickers

They really thought I would fall off? Haha, foolish niggas

Professor Davis here for lecture, time to school these niggas

They say nice guys finish last, what do we race for?

I don’t plan on saving these hoes, what I need a cape for?

Should be vacationing on Cape Cod. Messed around and beat all the odds

The stats say that this modicum of success is just a façade.

I remember back then, they used to call me a fraud

Or an Oreo because my schoolwork would earn gold stars

I got some baggage with me, at least it’s Goyard

I’m swinging for the fences, watch me go yard!

I’m so far removed, I treat little comments like foods

I chew them up and spit them out, I ain’t got much to worry about

Comparatively, I’m something like a rarity, so spare me

Ready for my moment of clarity, nothing else is preparing me

This shit isn’t fair to me, watch what I prepare to be

They say the spice of life is variety, apparently

Don’t question me, if variety is the spice of life, where’s the recipe?

Killing your preconceived notions, call the pallbearers tell ‘em rest in peace

Rest in paradise to all the good soldiers that we lost

You little pawns shouldn’t even have the ability to talk

Leave the small talk for small minds, checked my watch, it’s my time

Like tony hawk, yeah I’m on the grind. Like a bad dream, I’m on your mind

Ain’t a hood nigga, but a nigga from the hood

Momma stayed on me so I turned out pretty good

Thankful for my blessings, I ain’t in a position to be stressing

Trying to accumulate my greens so I can cop me some dressing

Any questions? Line up and hand me your suggestions

and have a glass of your water for your thirsty ass, it’s refreshing. 

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