Birds of a Feather (Nothing Was The Same)

Nothing was the same, including the lifestyle that I lead.

Niggas throwing shade at me, do they expect me to receive?

The haters say I’m bogus, I give no fucks, you know this.

Have you niggas screaming like the sample on “Otis”

Check out my oasis, got a driver’s license for the spaceship

I swear I score, without having to run the bases

I dodge the bullshit like I’m Mayweather in the ring

Be careful what you believe because nothing’s what it seems

I promise I’m focused, my haters done made it real clear.

No matter my success, still won’t be respected proper here

Moving money around like I racketeer, there’s no brackets here

Life’s not a game so there’s no playoffs for my payoff

So I just got to plan for the payback, you get that?

I’m like the most skillful mouse, I get cheese and dodge traps

This shit is crafted perfectly, no interest in struggle raps

You sleeping on me? Well, I call that shit a struggle nap

Scarface said the world is yours, it’s mine for the taking.

Chances don’t come around twice, you gotta go and take it

Cake doesn’t come outta nowhere, you gotta go and bake it.

Which means someone has to put the time in to make it

I been real for way too long to remember how to fake it

I’m like a struggling hospital, sometimes I ain’t got no patients/patience

Considering holding a press conference to answer questions

You treat life like a game, better watch out for misdirection

Better watch out for the counter play                              

Before everyone wonders what happened to you like J. Holiday

Every day ain’t a solid day, life has its ups and downs

Life has its smiles and frowns, sometimes you win in a blowout

Other times you lose like the Cleveland Browns

Don’t let it get you down, keep your chin up now.

My ex girl saying she’s trying to become a pin up now

Gotta stop waiting until the last minute to have prayers to send up now

They say it ain’t worth it, I know I ain’t perfect.

But you gotta be blind to state that you don’t see me working.

I been through earth, wind, and fire. Like the 70’s came back.

I step up to the plate, hit a grand slam like Denny’s came back

I have nothing up my sleeves, like the lacrosse pennies came back

They say I got the magic, like my homie Penny came back.

Trust nobody, my heart’s been fragile, don’t love nobody

If you ain’t family and I mean true family, you don’t have the right to rush nobody

Perfection takes time though. Avoiding bright lights like I’m albino

The spotlight comes anyway, people questioning me on what I know

Who will survive though? The slaughterhouse known as America

There’s a sizeable portion of the population that still wants to bury us.

Won’t let their white daughters marry us, think that they carry us

And believe that most of us are on a combo of crack and fairy dust.

So I gotta do better, we gotta do better.

Because they said birds of a feather, often flock together. 

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