Let Me Finish

Me against the world, one versus billions

Enemy of the State, oh what a feeling

The bad guy strikes again, oh what a villain

Nice guys finish last & Wu-Tang’s for the children

What did that line have to do with anything? I’m settling

It’s a shame that my ex thought she was moving on to better things.

MLK said “Let Freedom Ring” So I hit the bells for the liberty

Young, Black & Gifted? You’re staring at the epitome

I’m God’s child, used to be wild until I had an epiphany

They’ll use any mistake I make to get rid of me.

My company doesn’t love misery but misery loves company

Who I’m talking to, everybody out here wondering

The feds are watching, hoping that I’m stumbling.

They gave me the ball to run with it, I damn sure ain’t fumbling.

I’m picking up and going, I’m picking up and flowing

I planted the seeds of greatness, bout time they start growing

I’m proposing at the moment, haters wanting me to blow it

Too much money cannot fold it, too much ambition cannot hold it

I just grow it, I expand it, stealing hearts like a bandit

Food for thought I know you’re famished, I’m the only me on the planet

You’re sitting, you can’t stand it. I’m positively fantastic

I say that emphatic, they slept on me like a craft-matic

I’m fucking crazy like a rabbit, you get it? Like a rabbit?

Going over their heads, ain’t no way they can combat it

Safe to say my stats padded, like psycho wards with rubber doors

Still got women tip-toeing on someone’s marble floors

Scarface said this world ours, I say these whores yours

In fact they everyone’s get in where you fit in like 2 doors

Got haters scrambling like Cam Newton, don’t bet against me, you ain’t foolish

They treated a kid like Caesar but I’m always looking out for Brutus

I’m the teacher, you’re the student, protégé meet the pupil

My gameplan is so advanced, you gotta use your noodle

You gotta use your brain now, nothing was the same now

I ain’t tripping over beef, you acting like an insane cow

Look who’s vain now? Worried about my name now?

They claim I got some fame now, it actually is a shame now.

Lame? How. I smile to the bank now,

I’m getting my life together, I got my haters to thank now.

Write an acceptance speech that’s academy award worthy

This ain’t a game, I ain’t wearing no TJ Ward Jersey

If this is a game, I’m primetime, showtime, like James Worthy

Or like Bo Jackson, these mere mortals cant hurt me

So no worries, no cause for pause, I hear you Jabber Jaws

Talking trash but you’re more soft than applesauce

And if anyone has a problem with me I hope it’s resolved

Because I have no desire to get other people involved

Real name, no gimmicks.

Watch me push it to the limit, even Kanye gonna let me finish. 

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