The LeBron James Theory

Sitting on my chair, world in my palms

Not enough help around me I’m feeling like LeBron

Chris Bosh is MIA, D. Wade’s got a gimpy knee

Antwan Jamison frankly sucks & Mo Williams can’t hit a 3.

So they wonder why I isolate like Kobe on the wing

I can’t trust people at all so let me do my thing.

The mindset of someone who’s been backstabbed quite often

Left out in the cold like what Doc Rivers did to Boston

When you’re winning, they love ya & talk about “our” future

But when you’re losing, they act like they barely knew ya.

Life’s a tough course, I use experience as my tutor

I used to stand in the corner like I was a spot-up shooter

But now that my self-esteem is no longer in the basement

Some of my old friends, start looking for replacements

That’s funny, only liked me when my presence improved you.

When you were the life of the party & I was lost like Blue’s clue.

Now that we’re on a level playing field & I also know who’s who

You want to ignore me like I was reporting on old news

New levels, new devils. Satan’s lurking around every corner

& God’s up in heaven saying, “I thought I warned ya.”

Death to the old me, someone call the coroner

Dear old me, I wonder how many people are currently mourning ya?

Oh, am I boring ya? With my internal discussions

To that, I simply play, Kanye’s “can’t tell me nothing.”

Because you can’t tell me anything, I made it grammatically correct.

How dare you judge me when you haven’t paid a single hint of my debt.

You see, I deal with my stress. I don’t place my burdens on others

And I was taught as a youngin’ that’s its best to not love her.

That’s it’s best to not trust her, don’t open up & tell her your secrets

Don’t break your wall down because you’re gonna miss it when it is needed.

I learned that from an early age. Judging the book & you ain’t read a page

Criticizing the actor but you aren’t the one on the stage.

So take your criticisms and throw them out the window

Because at the end of the day, only Family Matters. Carl Winslow

This life drives me crazy like I’m driving an old Pinto.

I been dope, I don’t need your validation or a footnote.

I’m out here climbing mountains, using faith as my foothold.

The chance of beating me is very remote, I have all the controls.

My soul is nowhere close to ever being sold.

This world sometimes makes me sick, it’s like I caught a cold

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction

And to all those who are still reading I thank y’all for listening.

I’m in love with success but I can think of worse addictions

But being addicted to success, is more success the only prescription?

Scanning the field like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning.

I invite y’all to doubt me, I use that as an advantage

Young, Black & Gifted living in a world of savages.

I invite y’all to keep up, if y’all can manage it.

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